Friday, July 22, 2016

Saturdey July 23rd Mindlab

Adaptive Competence

SAMR and TPACK models  allows you to evaluate where technological innovation sits.  Is it innovation or substitution.
TPACK, technological, pedagogical and content knowledge  TPACK in 2 minutes
Content is the what
Pedagogy is the how direct instruction, inquiry
Technology is the partner, what tool will make the content more accessible to Ss

Substituition, tech acts as a direct substitution
Augmentation, direct substitution with functional improvement
Modification  tech allows for significant task redesign
Redefinition:  Tech allows for creation of new tasks, previously inconceivable.  SAMR in 120 seconds

Google Maps, Google Earth or Tour Builder.  Create a Google Doc where you can design a learning activity to last 20 minutes.  Go for an integrated approach.  Inform it with SAMR and or TPACK

What are the limitations of using a map compared to using google maps.

Technology proficiency of teachers plays a major role in classroom technology innovations

Knowledge of the enabling conditions for a technology.

Knowledge of whats out there

Doesn't align pedagogically with the way teachers are.

What is the difference between being innovative and creative?  There is a difference, to be creative is the process of ideas but as an innovator you are doing something with your ideas.

APA referencing  check out Daves screencasting on blogging and learning theories and check out the referencing.

Qualities of an innovator:  risk taker, confident, not fragile, curious, open to new ideas, persistent, collaborative

References can be got through google scholar.

Are dispositions as important as skills?  What is an innovation video.

Disruptive Technologies, advances that will transform life, business and the global economy.  A paper check out google scholar.

Gada, K. (2014) The education disruption:  2015  retrieved from

Google Project Loon for internet accessibility with balloons.

Google expeditions  accessible if kids have a device.
Tilt Brush by google, virtual reality art concept.

What are the potential uses of virtual reality in education?
Minecraft  Gallipoli in Minecraft.  Map and topography    Made for schools and teachers to use in education.  (use this in fish passages work)

See things through other eyes and in a new way.
The Sims

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