Friday, July 22, 2016

MindLab Session 2

Reading Nicholas Tuleb, The Black Swan about bringing past experiences into the future.

What is the difference between knowledge and wisdom?   Wisdom is knowledge plus experience where you use judgement to value the knowledge.

What is the purpose of education?  What are 21st C skills?

Grant Lichtman, what did he find out?  Lack of collaboration between schools.  If we want self evolving Ss we need to be self evolving establishments.  The anchors, the dams and the silos, the three things that stand in the way of learning.

Teach into the unknown
Self evolving learners
Self evolving organisations

How 20th C and 21st C skills differ?  Do we need both?

20th C  Literacy and Numeracy
21st C  Adaptive, collaborative,

How well do our thoughts align with the ITL research results?  Innovative teaching and Learning with Microsoft PIL
identifying the characteristics of strong and innovative teaching.  Connection between design of teaching activity and skills students are learning

Three act structure required.  Movies that encourage empathy are more effective than those that objectify problems.  Worst type of video is slides with music, it needs human participation e.g. your voice or your classroom shots

Tools Tag Cloud

Tips and tricks for filming and editing:

How do the Key Competencies relate to 21C skills?
Are real world problems and ICT for learning implicit in the KC's?

How do KCs apply in a leadership context?  CORE video

In assignment think about practice and apply KCs or 21C skills to our own practice.

How much do we know about leadership theories, styles and attributes?

What did you gain from reconceptualising Leadership?

Do people want to lead or administrate and manage?
 Teacher Agency?  How does this fit with teacher agency?
As we move to ILEs does teacher Agency diminish?

Leadership is not about administration and managing.

Think about area of practice you want to focus on first, then come up with solutions.
The issue that i have is.....
What areas of digital and collaborative practice could i use that would help to solve this issue.

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