Saturday, February 14, 2015

Nature of Science in Action

Week Two is over and Week Three about to begin with a chemistry lecture and lab.  The Wellington Group are getting together on Wednesday so i am looking forward to catching up with everyone.

Week Two had some excellent experiences.
There were a couple of science communication and science writing workshops with students from Lewis and Clark College in Oregon.  It was pretty affirming to see similar group work being encouraged in a tertiary setting and also that there is still an emphasis on narrative structure for science writing.

There were more sessions with the biology dictionary.  Being in that space of uncertainty in my learning certainly places me in the realms of a student.  It is a good space to inhabit as I think it shows that I am walking the talk when I ask my students to be risk takers.  I tell them that we learn from failure but this gives me a clearer understanding of how scary putting myself in that position can be.

The week ended up in the field in Gisborne.  Only one bee sting to report.  Working with so many stakeholders means that clear communication and a good understanding of my own role is vital.

The NOS objectives are easy to see in the field.
The project started because of observations which were made.  
I think the cycle then moved to understanding in science, could the observations be explained by what was already known?
Next came communicating in science where all the parties got together and discussed their observations, plans and ideas.
It seems that investigating comes after all of these others and then probably circles around again.  At least, that is the thinking for today.

Going out with the beekeepers was great.  So much practical knowledge and careful observation which was shared so willingly.
I feel very lucky to be able to work with such an interesting group of people.

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